Makimachi Misao (amnotaweasel) wrote in twain_halves,
Makimachi Misao

001 && uncorks champagne for the inaugural post

[This would be a general canon (trans.: CnC/KDR/GDS-inclusive) muse, immediately after this. She stumbles out of Spamland and into the musebox, automatically curling up on the nearest soft surface. Her clothes and braid are disheveled and she looks tired. To top it off, she's got tear tracks on her face, multiple bruises from the tumble cycle, some mild burns from the hot air (including blisters on her arms), and a sporty shiner from the time he kicked her back into the dryer.]

[Makimachi Misao hates, loathes, and despises Saitou Hajime now and it's plain on her face. No going back. He must pay...
after she feels a little better.]
Tags: cnc!misao
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